So tell me, what is KeyTrac?

We’ve designed a versatile, fast and easy to integrate keyboard biometrics solution for your own application. This offers new features which where unimaginable in the past.

Keyboard biometrics made simple

KeyTrac is a powerful, but easy to use solution to detect users based on their keystroke dynamics. It can be used to do advanced user authentication in state of the art web applications.


No special hardware required

Our solution isn’t based on special biometrics hardware. KeyTrac utilizes your already existing computer keyboard to verify the identity of an individual. Losing tokens are a thing of the past.

No hardware

Maximum interoperability guaranteed

We’ve designed KeyTrac to integrate with almost every “state of the art” website, as we’re using common industry standards to ensure interoperabilty with customer systems.


No exchange of private data

To keep private things private, we’re following a zero-knowledge policy which means, we don’t request personal data or other information.


Discover how KeyTrac is used by companies like yours

Powerful management console

Manage your account settings, users and billing information from just one central location. Quickly check how your users behave while they were using KeyTrac. Analyze their authentication status and resolve customer questions before they appear.

General insight how your users behave

Never lose track of your users and how your traffic behaves. This data is available directly after you login to your management console.

Authentication success at a glance

Ensure your overall users authentication experience and detect attacks before an incident occurs.

Powerful management console
Powerful management console

Clear and detailed insights

The KeyTrac management console offers better, faster and more detailed insights of how your users perform and how they’re using the KeyTrac as biometric authentication solution.

Discover detailed user success

Whether using KeyTrac AnyText or Password Hardening, you’ll see how your users perform for each method.

See user activity over time

Find, analyze, and easily access all your user activities from recent activity to authentication success/failure ratios.

Built for developers, by developers

Your team is most productive when they can work with the technology they already know and use every day, whether it’s a programming language or a web framework. Therefore we’ve designed our API to be almost self explanatory and easy to use.

Works with your programming language

As the KeyTrac API is based on the RESTful standard it can be used with every programming language able to speak HTTP.

Simple integration

KeyTrac is designed to be used with your favorite programming language or web framework even if you’re using your own infrastructure or PAAS cloud providers.

Built for developers, by developers

Just four steps and you're done

Packed with useful features

Product features that fully integrate keyboard biometrics into your own application.

No special hardware needed

Unlike other biometric systems, with KeyTrac you don’t need to buy any additional hardware.

Language blind

Your are not bound to a special language or keymap. KeyTrac can be used with your language.

Adapts to users behavior

KeyTrac is continuously learning to adapt to the minor changes in the user's typing style.

Never forget – Never lose

Unlike other authentication solutions, users never forget or lose their keystroke dynamics.

Transparent integration

Your users will never be forced to install third party software, browser extensions or plugins.

Straightforward integration

Every developer with some knowledge of HTML and RESTful APIs can integrate KeyTrac.

Use own text samples

You’re not bound to a fixed list of text samples or phrases; just use your own if you like.

Zero knowledge

It’s your data, so we’ve built KeyTrac to work without any knowledge about your users.

Used all over the world

Our keyboard biometrics product attracts organizations and individuals from all over the world.

World Map of KeyTrac usage