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Monthly Plans
Annual Plans


2 users
  • 20 Auth. Requests
  • 20 Identifications
  • 256-bit SSL-security
  • Management Console


200 users
  • 1,000 Auth. Requests
  • 1,000 Identifications
  • 256-bit SSL-security
  • Management Console
  • Daily Backups
  • Email Support


500 users
  • 2,500 Auth. Requests
  • 2,500 Identifications
  • 256-bit SSL-security
  • Management Console
  • Daily Backups
  • Email Support


1,000 users
  • 5,000 Auth. Requests
  • 5,000 Identifications
  • 256-bit SSL-security
  • Management Console
  • Daily Backups
  • Email Support


Customizable users
  • Cust. Auth. Requests
  • Cust. Identifications
  • 256-bit SSL-security
  • Management Console
  • Daily Backups
  • Email Support
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KeyTrac Add-Ons

Need more? Simply scale with KeyTrac as your app grows.

+ 1,000 Auth. Requests

Additional 1,000 Authentication Requests for covering peaks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plans & Payment

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Can i try KeyTrac before I pay for it?

Absolutely! We offer a free plan without any restrictions which includes 2 users to try KeyTrac until you know it’s right for you. Tip: Finish the integration using the free plan and when you’re ready just upgrade.

How do I pay for KeyTrac?

You can pay for your KeyTrac subscription with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club cards, and most other commonly accepted credit and debit cards.

When will I be billed?

If you decide that KeyTrac is right for you, just fill in your billing information. That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you’ll be billed on that day every month. Alternatively, you can select annual billing which includes a discount compared to monthly billing.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You can upgrade your plan, on your own, at any time. You will be charged the difference between the cost of your prior plan and your new plan as soon as the change is made. Any credit you receive will be applied to your next invoice. Downgrades can also easily be done on your own. Select your new plan and we reserve that change request. At the end of your current, active subscription your reserved plan will be activated. If your new plan has fewer users than are already currently enroled, you will need to tell support what users can be deleted to reach the plan size.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Even if we hope that it won't be necessary, if you believe that KeyTrac is no longer right for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your account remain active until the end of your current subscription's billing cycle. If you change your mind, you can always cancel your termination during this duration with one click and your current subscription continues with the usual billing cycle.

What happens to my data if we stop using KeyTrac?

We care a lot of your privacy. So at the end of your subscription we’ll delete, with an additional safety time, all your user profiles and all other data related to your account. This ensures that your data remains private.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

Signing up and using the free plan does not require the use of your credit card. If you decide to subscribe to one of the non-free plans, only then you'll need your credit card.