Our Mission

Get to know what we do and why we do it

Company Building

We help companies of all sizes and all sectors to improve the security of their applications by using keyboard biometrics.

KeyTrac gives companies and teams the ability to verify the identity of their users through biometrics and allows them the implementation of business and security ideas, the likes of which, have never been seen before. All of this works without the need to purchase additional biometric hardware like fingerprint scanners; only a common and commercially available computer keyboard is needed. Our biometric system distinguishes itself through a host of features, like, a short enrollment phase, a high recognition performance, the possibility to use randomized text phrases, an intuitive management console, an open API, and easy and transparent integration. This all makes KeyTrac your new biometric security solution.

Our Story

How we made KeyTrac into what it is today

KeyTrac was founded in late 2008 as a spin-off project of the University of Regensburg, whoese goal was to develop a biometric authentication solution which is high-performing, easy to use and doesn't require additional biometric hardware. The result of all these requirements led us to a system which uses the standard computer keyboard for identifying users by their keystroke dynamics. After we were a part of the TM3 Software GmbH, we faced to lot of inquiries from companies in various sectors, each requesting a reliable biometric solution which required the highest demands of standards.

Building Bench Seat

We learned a lot about our customers' requirements which helped us develop a biometric solution that is user friendly and reliable at the same time. Our insights and experience, even with unusual requests, help us create the right solution for you. Our goal – for our users and clients – is to be able to professionally manage their biometrical authentication demands from one service that serves all of their business needs.

We’re constantly looking for new, and sometimes unconventional, ways to improve the security of our clients and to provide them with a complete set of functionality that aids them in professional biometric user data management. Therefore, when developing new interfaces, we pay special attention to simplicity and reliability.