Identify users based on their typing behavior.

A new and innovative method for reliable user identification.

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What is the KeyTrac solution?

KeyTrac is an intelligent software solution that identifies users based on their typing behavior. The software uses an individual`s typing pattern, which is unique to each person, for reliable user identification. This biometric feature cannot be faked, guessed, or stolen by anyone. KeyTrac works with any existing commercially available keyboard and special hardware is not required.

Use cases for biometric password hardening

Keep an eye on your password security

KeyTrac allows undreamt insights into the password security of your users. Identify and evaluate the current threat status of your application just at a glance.


Little risk for stolen access data

Bugs or security problems are actively used to illegally obtain access data. For web businesses especially, stolen user credentials might be existence threatening or lead to customer confidence loss. KeyTrac provides a solution. Despite all precaution, if hackers can steal your application access data, then this stolen information is virtually worthless, as it lacks the biometric signature of every individual user.

Transparent integration → low support effort

Many security systems often increase their support effort because they either change the user registration form or impair the registration process. In constrast, KeyTrac password hardening can be completely intergrated transparently in a familar registration form. This allows KeyTrac to be intergrated into existing applications, as the user enrollment phase of a user can be done simply in the background.


For individual requirements – KeyTrac Enterprise

KeyTrac Enterprise allows you to integrate the KeyTrac core system directly into your existing system environment. This enables maximum performance combined with an excellent response time – even with large numbers of users. So you get a maximum of flexibility and growth opportunities and keep the upper hand, since all data remain within your company.

More information on KeyTrac Enterprise