Keyboard biometrics made simple for you

Identify people based on keystroke dynamics. KeyTrac works with any existing keyboard and doesn't require any special hardware.


A new generation of biometric systems

KeyTrac opens up a new era of biometric systems without the need of any special hardware, allowing developers to incorporate keyboard biometrics into their websites or applications.

Works without special hardware

We don’t require expensive biometric hardware. KeyTrac works with your existing, ordinary keyboard.

Nothing to be lost or stolen

Keystroke dynamics is a security feature which can’t be lost or stolen. Just type in a short textphrase and your’re done.

Fast, Reliable and Unforgeable

KeyTrac grows with your keystroke dynamics and adapts to your typing pattern to remain unforgeable.

New generation

Biometrics that work everywhere

KeyTrac is built to integrate easily and with minimal effort into all of your applications.

KeyTrac only needs three steps for identification

Biometric identification shouldn’t be annoying, that’s why we worked hard to reduce complexity and enable seamless integration into your website without difficult user experiences.


Step 1

First, KeyTrac needs to learn how an individual is using their keyboard. This is done using KeyTrac Recorder, which is an integral component used to identify the users' keystroke dynamics.


Step 2

After recording your keystroke dynamics, you need to pass this typing sample to KeyTrac API, which then computes a match-score based on the keystroke dynamics of the typing sample compared to those in the user profile.


Step 3

After, computing the match-score from step 2, KeyTrac API responds that match-score and recommends - using a true/false value - whether or not to trust the individual.

Complement your services, without any roadblocks or difficulties

Built for financial services, universities, e-learning providers, startups, legal and other online services …well, just about everyone. Integration is as easy as 1-2-3 and we’re certain you will be able to link KeyTrac with your system in no time.

For universities and all e-learning providers

Enhance your LMS with biometric identities

KeyTrac helps institutions and e-learning providers ensure user identity and academic integrity with new and innovative technology. This enables you to build effective protection against identity fraud and cheating in online tests.

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For banks and everywhere else you need strong security

Prevent extortion with hacked credentials

We’ve made it easy to add an additional layer of security to your users' account credentials. This helps you ensure that the your users' remain secure.

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For companies, goverments and overloaded helpdesks

Offer self-service password recovery

Hand over the time-consuming task of restoring account credentials from the helpdesk to your users and obtain free time slots to solve the really important problems.

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Identifies and differentiates the end device

Nowadays we no longer use applications only from a single device type. Instead we want to be able to seamlessly continue work on a mobile device. KeyTrac supports this device transition through the automated management of individual device profiles of a user.

Device recognizion

Multiple end devices – Already reality and not a dream

Users are accustomed to be able to use applications from various devices. In this new reality, it's difficult for organizations with critical data to guarantee their customers a comprehensive security of their data. With using KeyTrac you are now able to biometrically secure and protect your applications.

Automated management of device profiles

KeyTrac automatically detects from which device a user wants to authenticate and automatically selects the user profile which fits best to the current user device. This enables you to offer a comprehensive, biometric protection to the entire range of your applications – mobile applications included.

Works with any language and keyboard layout

KeyTrac is not bound to any special language or a fixed keyboard layout. KeyTrac is able to work and detect your keyboard dynamics.